Data Turnover

Osayaba O. - LLI Columbus

Data turnover will not only invade the privacy of others but it will make others uncomfortable of the fact that their phone is not just their phone. Technology has taken a toll on the universe since it has been created, with that being said along with the pros that has come with it we have also had many cons.

Threats, terrorist blueprints, human trafficking and etc. had taken place on the internet.

Retrieving data from the internet could be a good thing because of the simple fact that it could help with potential crimes that begin on the internet.

“But because that data exist at all, police can use court orders to force the company to hand it over.  And, as the Intercept notes, in ongoing investigations it is possible to extend court orders to get new data, which would allow law enforcement to build a record that goes beyond 30 day.” (Peterson) Reading this, Peterson states that the law does have access to retrieve data on your phone despite the fact that Apple claims that your chats and information has not been turned over. However the law enforcement does have access to file a subpoena and eventually pull up the information that is needed.

There is the argument that data turnover to law enforcement violates the 4th amendment. The violation is necessary for the benefit of making the world a better and safe environment. I believe that data turnover is needed in this technology era that we live in.