Freshman Year


The Beginning of Something Good

In the first year, students are introduced to the legal system and basic legal concepts.  Law students serve as instructors, teaching the students Criminal Law and Trial Procedure.  Students hear from a variety of speakers in the legal field and take weekly field trips to law firms, courts, and other law-related venues in their own city.  At the end of the summer, students compete in a mock trial, demonstrating the critical thinking and public speaking skills they developed over the course of the five weeks.

But it Doesn't End There

Students continue the program throughout the Academic Year, meeting on Saturdays to continue to cultivate skills that started to develop during the summer.  This continuity allows for stronger community and additional support for success while in high school.

I was able to meet lawyers who wanted to teach me and help me succeed.
— LLI Student

The 2018 application is now available!



Sophomore Year


Creating Vision

During the second summer, students learn some basics of Civil Law and Professionalism. They then take what they've learned and put it into practice through an internship in an actual legal office. Students work with attorneys on legal problems while in the challenging and intellectually stimulating environment of the employer. This experience allows them to visualize what is possible in their future and encourages taking the steps to make this vision a reality.   


Akron intern 2.jpg
Over the past 7 years, we have witnessed students develop leadership skills, gain confidence, and ignite their passions through the valuable access LLI grants them. 
— John Slagter, President, Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Junior Year


Finding Your Fit

During the third summer, students start visiting colleges around Ohio and neighboring states to explore what type of school might be the best fit for them.  Large/small, public/private, local/distant, urban/rural, HBCU...there are so many options available!

Context is Key

While the students have been learning many legal concepts, it also is important to understand what was happening at the time.  Juniors do this by researching a landmark Supreme Court decision and writing a paper addressing the societal and historical context and impact of the decision.  After finalizing the research, students write and perform a spoken-word piece from the perspective of someone involved in the case or impacted by the decision.  The students perform their spoken word pieces at the Resilience Café, an event for families and community members to see the students’ work. 


Getting the Score

One key component in the college application process is the ACT or SAT score.  Because preparing for the exams can improve scores quite a bit and preparation courses can cost over $1,000, LLI builds test preparation right into the curriculum.

ACT Diagnostic Score Improvement Over the Course of 4 Weeks

Senior Year

6DP_2911 (2).jpg

The Final Leg

The senior year is about capitalizing on the progress made through the earlier years while guiding students to the next level.  In addition to visiting colleges, students will write personal narratives in preparation for the college application process.  Through the Academic Year, students will receive individual assistance applying to college and finding various types of financial aid.  As students receive their acceptances, we are able to celebrate together!

The Capstone

Because students have spent years preparing, they are able to tackle one of the more intellectually rigorous legal activities: moot court.  Students will research and write an appellate brief and then deliver oral arguments in a moot court competition. 



College Scholars Program 


LLI College Scholars 

Supporting LLI Graduates at the next level

Thanks to a recent grant from the Access Group, the Law and Leadership Institute has developed the LLI College Scholars Program. This program aims to continue the academic and career support that our students experienced during high school at the college level. Among other general college success topics, our graduates now receive assistance with course selection, locating on and off-campus academic support, finding internships and fellowships, searching for employment opportunities, as well as preparing for the GRE and LSAT. The LLI College Scholars program offers opportunities to our LLI graduates: to connect with other graduates through social media; to be paired with attorney mentors; and to attend workshops in all six LLI cities with LLI staff. We are proud to continue our support for LLI graduates as they journey towards the profession of their choosing. 



Fall workshop:

Our Fall 2017 workshops took place in the month of August. LLI College Scholars hosted Mentorship Week, August 7-11, 2017, with workshops offered in each LLI city. The workshops covered two distinct topics: 

1) Selecting Courses with Graduate School in Mind; and 2) Tips for finding Academic Support on Campus

Winter Workshop:

Our Winter 2017 workshops will take place during the month of December. Workshops will be offered in each LLI city during the week of December 18-22, 2017.  The workshops will cover:

1) Internships vs. Fellowships:  The Differences, the Benefits, and Which is Right for You; and 2) Resources and Strategies for Securing Internships and Fellowships. 

Are you a current college student that graduated from the Law and Leadership Institute?