Diversity in Leadership Fellowship


The Diversity in Leadership Fellowship is designed to  shape the next generation of diversity and inclusion champions for leadership positions in the legal profession and beyond. 

The Need

Despite consistent efforts to increase diversity in the legal profession and at the highest levels of community leadership, both spheres continue to lag in their goal of increasing racial and ethnic diversity.

In 2016, the American Bar Association adopted Resolution 113:

"Urges all providers of legal services, including law firms and corporations, to expand and create opportunities at all levels of responsibility for diverse attorneys and urges clients to assist in the facilitation of opportunities for diverse attorneys, and to direct a greater percentage of the legal services they purchase, both currently and in the future, to diverse attorneys."

To successfully "expand and create opportunities" for diverse attorneys, those leading in the field must understand the unique challenges associated with the pipeline into the profession as well as the complex issues impacting the recruitment and retention of diverse attorneys.

The Goal

As sponsor of the Diversity in Leadership Fellowship, the Law & Leadership Institute seeks to create a generation of leaders who are culturally competent, who are confident in their diversity and leadership expertise, and who are committed to championing these issues as they lead now, and as they continue to positions of higher leadership in the future.

The Means

The Fellowship consists of three components:
1. Seminars with public officials; board members of non-profit organizations; speakers offering perspectives from the judiciary, corporate offices, firms, and government offices; and experts in issues of Diversity & Inclusion; 

2. Training on how to successfully implement a legal diversity pipeline program through the Law and Leadership Institute; and

3. Experiential and academic research on issues impacting diversity and inclusion.




  1. Be equipped to market themselves as Diversity & Inclusion champions that are culturally competent, ready to spearhead D&I leadership programming, and able to help firms, businesses, and organizations expand their D&I initiatives; 

  2. Understand the unique challenges under-represented groups currently encounter in pursuing higher education and professional schooling; 

  3. Be able to articulate the current state of Diversity & Inclusion at various educational levels (high school, college, law school) as well as in the legal profession;

  4. Have identified research-based strategies for addressing challenges associated with Diversity & Inclusion at specific points in the pipeline; 

  5. Have cultivated a relationship-network with leading legal professionals and Diversity & Inclusion experts; and 

  6. Have had hands-on experience implementing Diversity & Inclusion pipeline programming at the high school level, instructing students who seek to move on to college and professional schooling.   





Travel, Accommodations, & Food at seminars held in Columbus


1L in good standing

Interested in issues of Diversity & Inclusion