Betting V. Fantasy

Darkai B. - LLI Toledo

To each its own. Everyone has their own hobby aside from their job. Whether it be art, music, or gaming. These activities are a great way to unwind and have fun. Daily fantasy sports should be legal. By definition fantasy is described as the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable. While the chosen players for teams are real, the players on the game are not, they are imaginary. Fantasy football is just an activity, not a job.

It is being done solely for the purpose of fun. It’s entertainment. Fantasy football whether real or daily is an activity. An activity used by almost 33 million people. No one is getting physically hurt by this competition rather numbers for leagues, NBA or NFL are rising. The leagues can sell merchandise and promote the reputation of their teams and players.

Technology is advancing in a way that we cannot control. We use it to communicate, for entertainment, education, purchasing, agriculture, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s okay to regulate these uses, but to make the use, specifically gaming, only inhibits those 33 million people from doing what they like to do. The members who play are similar to the athletes in the real world. The members are paying to compete against other people for prizes. In comparison, the athletes are competing against each other for the Finals trophy.

Unlike real fantasy, daily fantasy is just one day, so it is less likely that these members get addicted. To compare it to the casinos is a stretch because not all, but some people get an adrenaline rush and their brains are rerouted to love those machines. Daily fantasy sports is not gambling. 

One may go to a casino to pull a slot machine handle down. That machine requires no skill, you could do that with your eyes closed. You have no control over what happens, it’s 100% chance.

The slot is considered gambling. Fantasy sports requires time. You have to watch the games in real life and choose your team with precision. If you choose wrongly, then your game goes to waste. It’s less chance and more skill. The difference between betting and fantasy is you cannot fix the outcome.


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