We support LLI and its effort to increase the pipeline of diverse students entering the legal profession through rigorous acedemic training and mentoring
— Yvette McGee Brown, Partner, Jones Day; 1st African American Woman to serve on Supreme Court of Ohio
[The moot Court] experience, in that environment, was a turning point and made me want to become an attorney. It is one thing to hear about what attorneys do, but seeing and talking to them every day made me feel special and was an environment I wanted to be a part of one day.
— Melvin Smith, Columbus Alum
Vorys – and its attorneys, paralegals and staff across Ohio – has been dedicated in supporting LLI since its inception. The choice was a simple one for us. We have made it a priority for nearly 110 years to continue to give back to the legal profession because the legal profession has provided so much to each of us. Our success is built upon the creativeness and ingenuity of our youngest lawyer leaders, and we will do whatever we can to make sure those traits persist in future generations of Vorys attorneys. We fully appreciate the importance and benefits of serving clients with attorney teams that are as diverse as the communities in which we practice; and, we understand the importance of supporting students who come from traditionally underprivileged communities and doing all that is necessary to expose them to careers in the profession. We’re extremely proud to have played just a small part in the growth and success of the LLI program and each of us at Vorys are eager to one day see these young students grow and develop into future leaders within the profession and community.
— Fred Ransier, chair of the Vorys Diversity Committee

Before LLI, I had no idea what I wanted to be. As a first generation college student, it was difficult to imagine myself as a working professional. Joining this program gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet attorneys in different fields of practice, Ohio Supreme Court justices, local judges, magistrates, politicians, and many other inspiring people. The influence of my teachers and staff at LLI gave me clarity on what I would like to do as a lifelong profession.
— Autumn Mitchell, Toledo Alum