Kabria Tyler, University of Cincinnati

Kabria Tyler.jpg

Cincinnati LLI graduate Kabria Tyler had just returned from France – from two weeks at the Toulouse Business School – when we connected for the interview.  She was selected for the Toulouse program based on her performance in the international business program at the University of Cincinnati, where she is in her junior year.  Ultimately, she hopes to operate her own business.  First, though, she wants to prepare.
After graduation, Kabria may seek a master’s degree in business or a law degree, but in the meantime she is gaining experience that will be valuable in operating a business.  In addition to her studies, she is the manager of Buckle, a clothing store.  She has also joined the Black Business Fellows, mentoring first-year business students to help them adjust to college.
As both a full-time student and full-time store manager, she works hard, and one may suspect that she excels because of her diligence.  She, though, also attributes her success to the Law and Leadership Institute.  “LLI helped to build me personally and professionally,” she recalls. “We experienced a variety of situations.  I interned at the Frost Brown law firm.  We learned to act professionally among adults, to work with anyone.  We had preparation for the SAT and ACT.  A lot of students don’t have access to that.  It helped me get into college and to secure a full-ride scholarship.”
If she spoke with current LLI students, Kabria would stress the importance of the program.  She recalls that LLI “was not the fun thing to do” during the summer, though she enjoyed it ultimately.  She adds, “Take full advantage of LLI.  Pay attention.  Listen to the advice.  Take advantage of the tools it provides.  A lot of us don’t have access to the resources and knowledge that LLI provides and that can help us grow and be successful.”
It may be a few more years before we see a sign announcing “Tyler Enterprises,” but when we do and wonder how she achieved that success, we can recall that Kabria appreciated the value of seizing opportunities to learn and prepare.