Gabriel Jackson, The Ohio State University


Gabriel Jackson is a graduate of Columbus Africentric Early College High School.  He is now a rising junior at The Ohio State University and credits his participation in LLI for much of his academic success.  
During high school Gabe was a member of the cross country (captain), wrestling, bowling, track and baseball (captain) teams.  He was a member of the National Honor Society and he was also the videographer for the football team.
Gabe first found out about LLI from one of his 8th grade teachers, Mr. Wright, who encouraged him to participate in the program.  Gabe will always remember his internship at Frost Brown Todd LLC.  Gabe shared that “my internship experience shed light on the real experiences of attorneys.”  Also during the LLI program he enjoyed “reading about contracts, discussing the terms and re-writing them as well.” 
Gabe shared that LLI helped him increase his ACT score substantially.  He revealed that “if I did not increase my ACT score I would not be at OSU.  While I had a high GPA and was involved in extra-curricular activities, LLI gave me the boost I needed to get into OSU.”
Gabe is majoring in Public Affairs at OSU.  This fall, Gabe will be a Resident Assistant in one of the student dormitories.  Gabe has thoroughly enjoyed his experience at OSU thus far. “What I love most about OSU is the very open and inviting social environment.  I have learned so much and have been impacted by the diversity at OSU.  I have made friends from countries all over the world.  My roommate Kyle is from a very different background, but we have learned a lot from each other and have become close friends.”
Gabe shared this advice for students considering applying to the LLI program:  “If you want to join a program that creates many opportunities for you, both in the legal field, and in life generally, with ACT assistance, and with college application support, this is a great program.  But for people helping me with LLI, I would not be a sophomore in college right now.  LLI can help you get to great places, but you have to be willing to work hard.”
Gabe plans to apply to law school after he graduates from OSU and hopes to attend The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law or Howard Law School.