Davina Dennis, Point Park University

Davina Dennis.jpg

An “aha” career moment came for 2014 Dayton LLI graduate Davina Dennis during her junior year in high school.  As she listened to an attorney speak at an LLI class about negotiating contracts for baseball players, she realized that she could combine her interests in the law, nourished by LLI classes, and in arts and sports – she could become a sports and entertainment lawyer. 
To prepare for that career, Davina searched for a university offering a major in arts and entertainment.  She is now two years into study at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and is actively pursuing that major.  After earning her B.A. degree, her next step will be law school.
Davina continues to develop the leadership skills that she learned at LLI, taking part in Strong Women, Strong Girls, a mentoring program for elementary school girls.  She also belongs to a student organization related to her major, the Sports Arts Entertainment Management Club.  “College is fun,” she says, though she emphasizes that her primary goal there is to prepare for what she wants to achieve in life.
Thinking back to her first classes at LLI, Davina recalls, “I thought that I would never use what I learned there.  But LLI has had great benefits for me during college.”  
She points out that one writes continually during college.  “LLI teaches how to critique your own writing and the steps to successful essays,” she says.  She also credits LLI law classes for her success in a business law class, where other students floundered.
Her advice for current LLI students?  “Pay attention to the writing parts of LLI.  Knowing how to write well makes college easier.  Use LLI as a resource for planning your career.”