Celeste Kearney, Dartmouth College


Cincinnati LLI graduate Celeste Kearney may be in her first year of college in the mountains of New Hampshire, but she already enjoys the collegiate experience and is thriving at Dartmouth College.
Celeste has started a step team at Dartmouth and joined the Dartmouth Minorities in Business Association, the Afro-American Society, and the alumni relations group.  She leans toward a government major, and she feels certain that she will pursue a law degree next.  
While she enjoys the choices and freedoms of college life, she values even more the friends she has made.  “I worried about whether I would find a good group of friends.” she explains.  “Luckily, I was able to find a good group of friends early on.”
It was Celeste's participation in LLI that led to her interest in a legal career.   All of the exposure to law piqued her interest, and listening to the speakers talk about their careers made her realize that “there’s not one way that you must use a law degree.  I like flexibility.”
She values other aspects of LLI, including the career preparation and writing skills.  At her internship at Xpedx Corporation’s legal department and during the preparation for that, “I learned how people behave in an office.  I had never experienced that before,” she says.  “Only last week, I talked with a friend from LLI.  He told me that he had used the LLI classes in etiquette for the business setting just a few days before.”