Camille Smith, Eastern Michigan University

LLI-Columbus graduate Camille Smith will graduate a second time this spring – this time from Eastern Michigan University.  She “kept her nose in the books” and won a supplementary scholarship last spring for academic achievement during college.   
Camille’s advice to current LLI students is, “Never give up.  That’s the big thing.  And work hard.”
By ten years from now, she plans to own her own business. Immediately after graduation, she hopes to prepare for her long-range goal by using her major in marketing and her minor in communications to secure an entry level marketing position for an existing business.  “Law school is still a possibility for me,” she adds.
In LLI, Camille improved her writing skills and learned to speak comfortably in public.  She also noted, “I still use the LLI format in putting together my resume.”  She pointed as well to the value of LLI’s preparation for the SAT.  She thinks that LLI’s law focus gave her a good background for business.
During her early months of college, she benefitted from the advice and encouragement from an LLI teacher and an LLI site administrator who reached out to her on her Facebook page.

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