Arielle Hooks, The Ohio State University


Arielle Hooks had heard from friends in Akron that the Law and Leadership Institute was fun, so, after starting LLI, she was surprised at the level of disciplined work required.  Ultimately, she learned that she liked LLI’s challenge, and now she welcomes the challenge of her classes at The Ohio State University.
“Every day at 9:00 a.m. we had a speaker, “Arielle recalls about her first summer at LLI.  “We had to write thank you notes.  When we were wrong, we had to do it over.  We wrote so much!  All of that boosted my writing skills.  We learned to make eye contact and in other ways interact in a professional way.  We learned to pull the key points from a long reading.  It was all-around preparation for college.”
That is when she discovered that she enjoyed a challenge.  “I found that we could have fun at the same time,” she explains.
Arielle did well in high school and secured admission to the Politics, Society, and Law Scholars Program at The Ohio State University, where she currently excels as a sophomore.  She finds college courses much more challenging than high school.  “Each class requires a different approach,” she says, noting that LLI helped to prepare her for that.
Arielle takes advantage of more than classes at Ohio State.  For example, she plans to apply for an internship with the Canadian Parliament, and, if accepted to use the funding that the OSU Second-year Transformational Experience Program provides to take part in it.  She earns extra money as a unit manager for Ohio State’s Dining Services and has learned valuable leadership skills through that work.  
For those now starting LLI, she advises, “It’s all beneficial.  You will gain from everything.  The interpersonal skills, the professionalism, getting key points from the readings – all of this will help in any field that you enter.”  
Arielle, though, has already set her sights on law school.  She left LLI interested in going to law school but decided that she “had to do that” after taking courses in logic and reasoning and in women and the law.   She has arranged to meet with Ohio State’s LLI Liaison, Law Professor and Dean Kathy Northern, to discuss her options.  Once again, she wants to be ready for the next challenge.