Alexis Apparicio, Ohio University


Alexis Apparicio has her sights set on improving public education and intends to take a less-traveled road.  She has decided to pursue a law degree as well as a master’s degree in public policy as the path toward achieving that goal.  
That was not always her plan.  After eighth grade, she enrolled in LLI only at her mother’s insistence.  Partway through the summer program, LLI became, as Alexis puts it, “something I wanted for myself.  I was interested in government and law.  I started enjoying what I was learning and how it was presented.” While in LLI, she attended Columbus East High School, later transferring to Columbus Alternative High School.  
When Alexis arrived at Ohio University in the fall of 2013, she still did not think of law as her career, but she shifted her focus toward law as a junior.  “Lawyers,” she explained, “can address problems through changes in law and legal policy.  Being a lawyer can help me have the impact that I want to have.”  Ultimately, she may want to teach on the university or law school level.
In the meantime, she has established a record at Ohio University that will merit admission to law school and graduate school.  She is in the top echelon of her class academically.  In addition, she serves as a Senator on the university's Student Senate, president of her sorority, president of the local NAACP chapter, and a mentor to incoming OU students.  
Alexis credits LLI on her Facebook page as contributing to her success.  “LLI’s preparation in legal writing, public speaking, and acting professionally sets you apart from your peers when you want to secure a job or a research opportunity, “she notes.  She points, as particularly helpful, to LLI’s mock trial program, writing preparation seminars, the senior forum on public policy, and preparation in professional approaches.  Her internship at the Benesch law firm provided an opportunity to watch how legal professionals interact.  
She urges current LLI students to “use LLI to your advantage.  Ask your law student instructors to read over your college application essays and help you prepare for scholarship interviews.  Ask them about your college choices; they know you.”  She reminds that LLI can also be an interesting subject for those essays and interviews.  
Alexis has learned to take advantage of LLI’s dedication to her success.  Recently, she met with Ohio State’s LLI Liaison, Law Professor and Dean Kathy Northern, to consult about her post-college career plans.  She is also anxious to give back.  “I would be glad to talk with current LLI students about my experiences,” she said.